Mon 02/10/17

September was our second busiest month since we started in 2013

Last month was our busiest September and our second busiest month overall since we opened in 2013, with food for more than 2,500 meals provided to people in crisis. As a result, our stocks are seriously low and we urgently need to build them up again in the weeks before Christmas. Please click here for the list of food - including tinned ready meat meals, tinned and dried potatoes, long life whole milk and meat and fish paste - and other items that we most need for our clients in October. Thank you so much for your support.


Mon 18/0917

Thank you for 14 trolleyloads of food collected at Waitrose Sanderstead

Our collection at Waitrose Sanderstead on Saturday 16th September was another big success, with 14 trolleyloads of food and toiletries collected plus £206.49 in cash. Thank you to all the customers who donated a grand total of 2,001 items, including: 163 chocolate treats, 144 jars of pasta sauce, 136 tins/cartons of tomatoes, 133 toilet rolls, 118 tins of fruit...and 4 toothbrushes and 2 tin openers. Thank you too to the Waitrose staff and manager for all your support. We have two more collections coming up: on Saturday 18th November at Waitrose Coulsdon and Saturday 9th December at Waitrose Sanderstead again, both 9am-6pm.


Mon 07/08/17

We pass 10,000 people fed and 90,000 meals provided

Sixteen clients attended Saturday's session at Purley Food Hub and we provided food for them and 26 family members...and it meant that we passed 10,000 people fed and 90,000 meals provided since we opened in 2013. Thank you to all of the churches, schools, businesses, organisations, families and individuals who have donated food and money to us over the past four and a half years - and also of course to our wonderful army of volunteers.


Thu 03/08/17

Many thanks to the young people from the National Citizen Service

We are hugely grateful to 12 young people from the National Citizen Service (NCS) for their support this week. After a fact-finding visit to the Food Hub a week ago, they raised £212 from a sponsored walk yesterday (Wednesday) - and this afternoon they collected 4 trolleyloads of food and other items plus £69.69 in cash from generous shoppers at Tesco Purley. Tomorrow they are giving out our food lists and leaflets to increase public awareness and support. We will be exploring with them in the autumn how they might be able to continue supporting the Food Hub once they are back at their schools and colleges. In the meantime, thank you all very much - it was great to have you with us.


Wed 02/08/17

Food 'flies in' at Heathrow work collection

United Airlines employees at London Heathrow Airport - both landside and airside - kindly donated five large bagfuls of food and toiletries, etc, in a work collection organised by one of our new volunteers, Janine Staff. Please get in touch if you are willing to arrange a collection at your workplace or school of college or among your neighbours and we will send you our latest food list, news update and other information to get you started...


Wed 19/07/17

9 trolleyloads and £135 donated at Waitrose Coulsdon

Customers at Waitrose Coulsdon kindly donated 9 trolleyloads of food, toiletries and other items plus £135.45 in our latest collection at the store on Saturday (15th July). In all, 1,842 items were donated during the day, among then 219 tins/cartons of tomatoes, 216 tins of baked beans and spaghetti, 164 toothpaste, 158 tinned fruit, 138 pasta sauce, 70 washing up liquid, 64 tinned meat - and 4 tin openers. The items were delivered to the Food Hub on Saturday, sorted on Monday and put on the shelves on Tuesday...ready to give to the clients coming on Wednesday. Our next collection - by young people from the National Citizen Service - is at Tesco Purley on Thursday 3rd August (12noon - 4pm).


Mon 10/07/17

New food collection point at Nationwide Building Society

Our big thanks to manager Tracey Holton and her team - Kiran, David and Kim - for setting up a Food Hub collection point at Nationwide Building Society's branch at 918 Brighton Road, Purley. Customers and members of the public have been bringing in their food donations, including the gentleman pictured here presenting a shopping bag of items to Kiran.


Wed 19/06/17

Excellent food collection at Waitrose Sanderstead on Saturday

We had an excellent collection at Waitrose Sanderstead on Saturday (17th June): 18 full trolley-loads of food and toiletries, etc, plus £248.95 in cash - one of our best-ever! In total, generous shoppers donated 2,549 items - including 169 tins of fruit, 126 packs of pasta/rice, 113 jars of jam, 108 cartons of milk...and 740 toilet rolls. These are all items we were short of. Thank you everyone. Our next collection is at Waitrose Coulsdon on Saturday 15th July (9am-6pm).


Tue 06/06/17

'Thank God for the Purley Hub' say children from Oakwood School

We were delighted to welcome Year 6 children and staff from Oakwood School, Purley, to the Food Hub yesterday. They helped our volunteers with sorting food, stacking shelves and collecting food donations from Sainsbury's Local, as well as learning more about the Food Hub's work. At the end of their visit, they said: 'We have learnt so much. We have learnt that not all people are as fortunate as ourselves. Thank God there is the Purley Hub to provide families in need with food. We will surely spread the news about this fantastic charity.'


Wed 26/04/17

Waitrose Coulsdon shoppers give 8 trolleyloads of food plus £168

Customers at Waitrose Coulsdon donated 8 trolleyloads of food and other items and £168 in cash in our latest collection at the store on Saturday 22nd April. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, and also the store's staff and manager. Our next collection is at Waitrose Sanderstead on Saturday 17th June (9am-6pm).


Mon 10/04/17

New collection point for Food Hub donations

South West London Law Centres' office in Croydon has become a collection point for food donations to Purley Food Hub. You can now take items from our monthly food list to the SWLLC office at Davis House in Robert Street, Croydon CR0 1QQ. Thank you, SWLLC!


Mon 20/03/17

11 trolleyloads of food and £273 donated at Waitrose Sanderstead

Shoppers at Waitrose Sanderstead on Saturday 18th March gave the equivalent of 11 trolleyloads of food and toiletries, etc, plus an amazing £273 in cash - the most money we have had donated at any supermarket collection to date. An enormous thank-you to the store's customers, staff and manager for your support. We are at Waitrose Coulsdon next on Saturday 22nd April, 9am-6pm.


Wed 08/03/17

'Super Six' swimmers raise £1,000 at a stroke

Many congratulations and huge thanks to our 'Super Six' swimmers - left to right: Winifred, Jude, Howard, Terry, James and Rachael - who represented the Food Hub in the Purley Swimathon on Thursday evening 2nd March. In total they completed 123 lengths of Purley Pool and raised around £1,000 in sponsorship.


Tue 28/02/17

Waitrose Coulsdon shoppers donate 9½ trolleyloads of food and £85

Big thanks to the customers, staff and manager of Waitrose Coulsdon for their support of our collection there on Saturday 25th February: in total we collected 9½ trolleyloads of food and toiletries, etc, plus £85 in cash - thank you so much everyone. Our next collections are at Waitrose's Sanderstead store on Saturday 18th March and then at Coulsdon again on Saturday 22nd April - both 9am-6pm.


Mon 27/02/17

Year 6 children visit from St John's C of E Primary School, Shirley

A group of 11 children from Year 6 at St John's C of E Primary School, Shirley, visited the Food Hub today. Bringing carrier bags of food donations, they helped our team of volunteers to collect food from Get Fired!, Café Blue and Sainsbury's Local, sort the food collected at Waitrose Coulsdon on Saturday and then refill our shelves after a busy session on Saturday when 20 clients attended and we provided food for 44 people - a total of nearly 400 meals. Thank you again Year 6 - we look forward to seeing the rest of the pupils before the end of the school year.


Sun 15/01/17

Happy 4th Birthday, Purley Food Hub!

Today (Sunday) the Food Hub is 4 years old - so a very Happy 4th Birthday, Purley Food Hub! Since we opened to clients on 15th January 2013, we have provided 75,000 meals to more than 8,000 men, women and children going through tough times. At the same time we have received many thousands of donated food items and toiletries, etc - over 50,000 in 2016 alone. So another huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteers and supporters: those who serve the clients each Wednesday and Saturday, sort the food donations and refill the shelves, collect at local supermarkets, donate food and support the Food Hub through our churches, schools and the local community.


Wed 04/01/17

Huge thanks to churches, banks, supermarkets and many others

We are so grateful for all the donations of food, toiletries and other items that we are continuing to receive from Food Hub supporters and friends - both old and new. Many thanks to among others:

  • Coulsdon Methodist Church
  • South Croydon United Church
  • St Augustine's Church, South Croydon
  • St Edmund's Church, Riddlesdown
  • St James' Church, Riddlesdown
  • Whitethorn Avenue Methodist Church, Coulsdon
  • Barclays Bank Purley
  • Barclays Bank Wallington
  • And again the large number of families and individuals bringing their Reverse Advent Calendar collections and other donations to Get Fired!, Cafe Blue, Christ Church and Purley United Reformed Church

In addition, shoppers at Waitrose Sanderstead and Sainsbury's Local Purley have been filling our collection boxes to overflowing!

Thank you everyone so much.


Tue 20/12/16

Bumper Christmas donations to the Food Hub

It has been a bumper 10 days of donations to Purley Food Hub - including from:

  • Waitrose Sanderstead, where customers donated 14 trolleyloads of food and toiletries, etc, and £193.52 in cash in our collection on 10th December
  • Oakwood School, with one pupil a day in each class bringing in an item of food during Advent
  • Cumnor House School for Boys - the school held a Christmas Jumper Day and each boy brought in a food item
  • Challoner, Fisher and Teresa houses at The John Fisher School
  • Oasis Academy Coulsdon
  • Orion College at Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • CCHA (Croydon Churches Housing Association)
  • Lloyds Commercial Banking, Croydon
  • St Peter's Church, South Croydon - they ran a church-wide Reverse Advent Calendar collection
  • St Paul's United Reformed Church, South Croydon
  • Croydon Fellowship (AFMIM)
  • And MANY families and individuals bringing in their Reverse Advent Calendar collections and other donations

Thank you all - we are so VERY grateful. Last Wednesday and again on Saturday, we provided food for meals each morning for 58 men, women and children going through tough times. Thanks to all the generous donations we receive, we are able to provide 3 meals a day for 3 days for each person - so that's more than 1,000 meals provided on these two days alone. And we expect to be similarly busy tomorrow and on Saturday (Christmas Eve). So all of these donations have arrived at exactly the right time...!