These are the main ways in which you can help:

  • Collect at supermarkets

  • Join our team of volunteers

  • Organise a collection among your neighbours

  • Donate food or money


Help with food collections at supermarkets

Morrisons Collection

We hold regular food collections at supermarkets when we ask shoppers to consider buying an extra item or two and donating them to us on their way out. Please get in touch if you can help for an hour one Saturday a month.

Please click here for details of our next supermarket collections.


Join our team of volunteers

Distribution Centre

Currently we are not seeking to recruit more volunteers to work in the Food Hub. We will make an announcement here when we are recruiting again, so please do keep in touch. Thank you.


Organise a collection among your neighbours


Helen has organised a food collection among her neighbours in Furze Lane, Purley:

"I contacted the chair of our road committee and asked him to email to the 50 houses in the road a letter I had written together with the Food Hub's monthly food list. Every Friday we open our garage and have been overwhelmed by people's generosity. One day I saw a young lad arrive on his scooter with a bag of goodies!

"We put signs out so people can easily see where we are, giving details of the Food Hub website, etc. We have also had good chats with people in the road who we don't normally see from one year's end to the next - at a safe distance of course!

"Then on Wednesday morning I deliver the bags of donations to the Food Hub at Purley United Reformed Church where the volunteers sort the items and put them on the shelves ready for the clients' food parcels. Each week I say 'thank you' by email to everyone who has kindly donated food. It has been a good way of sharing what the churches in Purley and Kenley are doing for the community."


Donate food or money

Each month we produce a list of the food and other items we are short of for our clients. Every contribution we receive makes a real difference to people in genuine need.

Please click here if you wish to donate food.

Many schools and colleges, businesses and organisations such as Rotary, Women's Institutes and uniformed groups support us. If you would like to join our supporters please click here.

We are always delighted to receive cash donations. These are put to good use when food donations are low or we run out of items, and to buy bus tickets for clients who can't afford the bus journey home with their heavy bags.

If you wish to support us financially, please click here to donate money.